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Below you'll find the tools and resources I use in my business.  As a busy wife, mother, and entrepreneur, my time is precious.  Each of these tools and resources have impacted my life for the better.  

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Davey & Krista


Email marketing made easy!  Unlimited Subscribers for one low price?  Easy works flows?  Pretty email campaigns?  All wrapped up into one?!  YES PLEASE!!  Sign up here to receive 50% off your subscription.

90% of what I share on my website was designed by Krista from Davey and Krista.  A professionally designed website will attract your target client, and allow you to stand out from your competition.  

CoSchedule allows me to share my blog posts on various social media accounts all in one place.  I can set it and forget it!  I can even choose the best time of day that allows for more traffic!  I use CoSchedule primarily to share blog posts out to Facebook.  Click here to read more in depth how I use CoSchedule


I could spend hours telling you all the reasons why I love Showit, but I'll stick to my top three!  Mobile integration, WordPress integration, and easy designing!  If you don't have the budget to hire a professional designer (like Davey and Krista), you can still build something beautiful with ease on Showit!

Software & Apps

The ONE program that runs the backend of my business flawlessly.  Contract, invoices, questionnaires, expense tracking, booking page, Pixifi does it ALL.  Use code Loren3Free for three months free when you first sign up

MailButler is a Mac program that allows me to track emails, schedule emails to send later (like during business hours!), and snooze my inbox!  HELLO TIME MANAGEMENT!

My Instagram scheduling tool that changed the game for me!  Unlike other Instagram marketing tools out there, Plann gives you a game plan - a content calendar of sorts.  You can read my comparison of Plann and Planoly here.  

If you want to leverage your marketing with Pinterest, this is the tool you need to do that effectively!  Vanessa Kynes, a Pinterest marketing specialist, took me everything I need to know about Tailwind!  Definitely check her out! 

Photo Mechanic - what allows me to cull a 3500 RAW wedding day in two hours!  Yes - TWO HOURS! This was a huge game changer for me and my workflow when I first discovered it in 2014!

My only photo editing program on my computer!  (Yes - you read that correctly - I don't have Photoshop downloaded!) . The batch editing allows for quick and efficient editing! 

InDesign allows me to quickly design all my marketing pieces.  Whether the pieces are digital or tangible, InDesign is my go-to!

Narrative was a game changer for my blogging workflow!  I can now blog weddings QUICKER than before and be able to pin all my vertical images to Pinterest with ease
Use code loren20 for 15% off your subscription

The computer program that allows me to better serve my clients with album design and sales!  I know I wouldn't be as successful in sales as I am today if it wasn't for Fundy!

Tired of keeping track of your miles manually?  Download this app, set it, and forget it!  Once a month, I go in a classify my drives.  Making tax season a breeze when it comes to milage!



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