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At one point in her life, Loren thought she would retire as a History teacher.  She graduated from Kent State with Honors with her degree in Integrated Social Studies.  While she's no longer teaching in the classroom, Loren finds ways to continue educating those around her.  No question is off-limits with Loren.  She truly believes in #communityovercompetition and enjoys helping other businesses grow!  Her favorite part of education now is cheering from the sidelines of Social Media as people around her reach their goals!

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Continuing your education is crucial to seeing growth in your business and in life.  As a former high school teacher, Loren values education and inspiring others to continue learning and growing in their own businesses.  Whether your looking for technical help with your camera, struggle with posing, or need business guidance, Loren is here to share what she has learned over the last 10 years!

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Humans were genetically designed to be apart of a group; a tribe or community, if you will. However, entrepreneurs become so consumed with keeping their businesses running, they neglect their body, mind, and friendships. 

The goal of the Rising Tide Society is to bring all creatives together to celebrate the victories in business and talk through the struggles. This community of creatives focuses on building friendships with peers instead of thriving to compete against one another. 

If you’re a business creative in the Canton area, come join our community! We meet once a month on the second Tuesday of the month. We would love to have you there with us.

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